Positional Shooting

Positional Shooting is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games Sport.

As the name suggests competitors shoot in three different positions. The first position of a match is the standard prone position (laying down), then competitors will make adjustments to their rifle and equipment, then shoot in the standing position.

After completing the standing section of a match, the competitor will again make adjustments to their rifle and equipment and then shoot the final section in the kneeling position.

Match sizes are either 60shots long, consisting of 20 competition shots in each position, or 120shots long, consisting of 40 shots in each position.

The 60 shot match is referred to as a 3×20 match, while the 120 shot match is referred to as a 3×40 match.


Each competition shot fired can score a maximum of 10 points. Each target has a inner ten (or in old terminology a “Bulls Eye”, to score a 10 the bullet has to touch or clip this inner ten. But if a shooter has a perfect shot and eliminates the inner ten then they score extra, the total number of points and inner tens will decide the final score for the shooter.

Positional Targets

In Positional shooting only the 50m card is used. A competitor will fire only 20 competition shots onto this card, using the middle target for sighting in the rifle. If shooting a 3×40 match then two cards are shot in each position.