ISSF Competitions

This video created by Pistol New Zealand gives a quick overview as to what to expect with regards to ISSF Pistol  competitions.  Details on each competition are below, click through to read more detail.

10M Air Pistol

10M Air Pistol Competitors use .177 calibre pistols to fire lead pellets at targets 10 meters. The trigger must have a minimum trigger pull weight of 500g.

25M Pistol

25M Pistol combines both precision and rapid fire stages each consisting of 20 shots using a .22 rimfire pistol.

25M Centrefire

25M Cetrefire uses semi auto pistols or revolvers using .32 or .38 calibre ammunition with a barrel no longer than 150mm and combines precision and rapid fire stages of 30 shots each.

25M Standard Pistol

25M Standard Pistol match is shot with a .22 rimfire semi auto pistol using a precision target in a timed series of five shots on turning targets.

25M Rapid Fire

25M Rapid Fire is shot using a .22 rimfire semi auto pistol with a barrel length of no longer than 150mm and a trigger pull no lighter than 1000g. It is a 60 shot match with 5 targets that turn in 8, 6 and 4 seconds.

50M Pistol

50M competitors use a .22 caliber single shot long pistol with very light triggers in a high precision match of 60 single shots over a distance of 50m

25M Black Powder

25M Black Powder combines both precision and rapid-fire in two stages of 20 shots each. Maximum calibre is .46 with a cap and ball revolver.