25m Centrefire Pistol

25M Centrefire Pistol

This match uses centrefire semi auto pistols or revolvers, using calibres from .32 all the way to .38 with a barrel no longer than 150mm and a trigger pull no lighter than 1000g.

The course of fire, targets and distance are the same as for the 25m Pistol event, with a few restrictions in the pistol specifications. 25m Centrefire Pistol is not an Olympic event but is very popular and is contested at World Championships, Continental Championships and at other major competitions.

25m Centrefire Pistol is a 60 shot match.

Centrefire Pistol has the exact same course of fire as the
competition 25m Pistol, except the competitor uses a centrefire pistol.

Centrefire Pistol combines both precision and rapid fire, in two stages, each of 30 shots

Course of fire:

Precision Stage
Number of shots/time: 30 shots, in six series of 5 shots, each series is 5 minutes and shot on a Precision target.

After all competitors have completed the Precision Stage, they then fire the Rapid Fire Stage on a Rapid Fire target.

Rapid Fire Stage
Number of shots/time: 30 shots, in six series of 5 shots.

Each series consists of 5 exposures of the target, each exposure is for 3 seconds; the shooter fires one shot per exposure.

Precision Target
Rapid Fire Target