50m Pistol

Competitors use a .22 Calibre single shot long barrelled pistol usually with orthopaedic grips and a very light trigger. This is a high precision match of 60 shots over a distance of 50m and takes just over 2 hours to complete. The pistols used are long barrelled 0.22 Long Rifle single shots that are exceptionally accurate, and have full wrap around orthopedic grips, very light set triggers (with no minimum trigger pull weight) and high precision sights.

Competitors may occupy their bay 15 minutes prior to preparation and sighting time.
Preparation and sighting time 15 minutes prior to start of competition.
Competition consists of 60 competition shots in six series of 10 shots each within 15 minutes. Some competitions are shot on electronic target systems, in which case, the competition is shot over 75 minutes.

Precision Target
MISC uses SIUS Electronic Targets for this match

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