National Champions - Pistol

The club’s members have enjoyed many successes at the National Championships. Our first National Championship winner was Neville Sayers who was also a multiple Olympian. Since the early years of the club in the 1950’s we have had many multiple champions, some of whom have also gone on to represent Australia at Olympic and Commonwealth Games. We recognise all our national champions’ achievements in this honour roll which can also be found on display at the clubrooms.

 Pistol Champions
1958Neville SayersRapid Fire499#
1959Rodney JohnsonFree Pistol518
1961Tibor GonczolCentre Fire558
1962Neville SayersCentre Fire574#
1962Tibor GonczolRapid Fire573#
1965Tibor GonczolCentre Fire577
1967Tibor GonczolCentre Fire577
1967Tibor GonczolRapid Fire578
1967Ron GlewFree Pistol534
1968Tibor GonczolStandard555#
1970Noel RyanCentre Fire583#
1972Noel RyanStandard559#
1973Tibor GonczolRapid Fire583
1979Geoff HortonCentre Fire583
1979Ron GlewStandard565
1980Noel RyanStandard591
1981Noel RyanAir Pistol383
1985Les Clark50M Black Powder362#
1992Ian Butland25M Black Powder380#
1996Andrew MillerJnr Free Pistol518#
2002Daniel RepacholiSport Pistol577
2002Daniel RepacholiCentre Fire571
2002Daniel RepacholiStandard550
2002Daniel RepacholiFree Pistol530
2004Daniel RepacholiAir Pistol580

# denotes record score