Membership Fees 2024-2025

The membership year commences on 1 September and is valid until 31 August of the following year. New members who join after the commencement of the new membership year are offered a pro-rata fee from the commencement of the next calendar month.


Membership CategoryPrice Incl GST
 Adult Pistol Full 780.00
^ Adult Pistol Associate667.00
 Spouse Pistol 624.00
** Pensioner Pistol624.00
^ Pensioner Pistol Associate534.00
^ Spouse Associate Pistol 534.00
**** Junior (Any Category) 156.00
 Non shooting parent (any category)78.00
 Adult  Rifle Full667.00
** Spouse Rifle 534.00
 ^ Pensioner Rifle 534.00
Joining Fee & Introductory Coaching and FSAC Fee for Unlicensed Pistol400.00
Joining Fee (Licensed Pistol and all Rifle)200.00

Junior: **** Junior = Includes all junior members in all categories.

^ Associate members: are pistol members who are primary members of another club with VAPA.

** Pensioner: Must hold an old-age pension card, a Centrelink Pension Concession card or Department of Veteran Affairs card issued by the Federal Government

Membership fees may be paid by BPay (preferred), EFT, credit card or cheque.