The club has had several members achieve selection to compete at the Olympic Games. In 1956, just after the club was formed, Rod Johnson & Neville Sayers were the club’s first representatives to be selected competing in our home town games in Melbourne. Since then we have had representatives at several Olympic Games, and in 2004 we had our strongest representation ever with 6 club members achieving selection for the Olympic Games.

Special mention should be made of Alex Parygin who was the Olympic champion whilst competing for Khazakstan in Modern Pentathlon at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.

1956Rod Johnson, John Maitland, Neville Sayers (Modern Pentathlon)
1960Rod Johnson, Neville Sayers (Modern Pentathlon & Shooting)
1964Tibor Gonczol, Rod Johnson
1996Annette Woodward
2000Kitty Chiller (Modern Pentathlon), Susan McCready, Carolyn Quigley, Robert Wieland
2004Kim Frazer, Matthew Inabinet, Susan McCready, Alexander Parygin (Modern Pentathlon) Daniel Repacholi, Annette Woodward
2008Ben Burge, Angela Darby (Modern Pentathlon), Matthew Inabinet, Susan McCready, Daniel Repacholi, Robyn Van Nus

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