2022 MISC Open

**Equipment Control**

Equipment Control will be open from 4 pm Friday, 7 am Saturday and 8 am Sunday. Please refer to the attached satellite view of MISC for the location of equipment control. NOTE: There will also be random equipment control on the line.    

**Warm Up/dry fire Area**

All Athletes may use the dedicated warm up/dry fire area for dry firing, and other exercises, which are situated in the Air shed (refer to the attached satellite view of MISC). Strictly no live ammunition is allowed out in this area. 

**Food and drinks**

Hot food, sandwiches, sweets, beverages and tea/coffee will be available all weekend. Bacon/egg rolls for breakfast, and burgers and fries for lunch on Saturday only. Unfortunately, these items will not be available on Sunday with the exception of sandwiches and sweets. Further to this, the canteen only accepts Eftpos. 


We will have a few stalls set up in the clubhouse and they will accept cash and Eftpos transactions. We will have some giveaways over the weekend as well.

If anyone has any queries, please get in touch with me. 
We look forward to seeing you all. 
Paul EskafCaptainMelbourne International Shooting Club Inc.

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