MISC Club reopening information

Dear members
The Club will reopen on Saturday 30 October from 6AM. The canteen will be open from 10AM with food and beverages. Wednesday night coaching will resume from next Wednesday, 3 November, and we hope to have meals available on that night. 

The Club is open only to those who are double vaccinated and to those with a medical exemption. Once you are double vaccinated, please send a copy of your vaccination certificate to miscvax@misc.org.au

After we have received your confirmation of double vaccination, your access card will be reactivated and the copy of your certificate will be destroyed.  
To ensure we comply with density limits, the online booking system must continue to be used and masks must continue to be worn indoors (subject to change). 

Please ensure that you sign in when you arrive and that you scan and sign in with the QR code as well. 

We encourage all members to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the committee at secretary@misc.org.au
Stay safe

Nicholas CameraSecretary, Melbourne International Shooting Club
Tel.  0433530938  | Email: secretary@misc.org.au120 Todd Road, Fishermans Bend, 3207

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